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We are a store specialized in coffee, coffee makers and equipment. We offer a wide selection of local and international roasted coffees. Our mission is to offer personalized service and advice to our customers so that they can find the best coffee for their needs and enhance their daily life through high-quality coffees.

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  1. The coffee cycle

    Although coffee is grown in countries where the climate is suitable for growing the coffee tree, the stages of selection, roasting and grinding of the bean can be done right here, in Quebec.

  2. Harvesting cherries from the coffee tree

    Several factors influence the taste of coffee. From the variety of the cultivar to natural influence factors such as altitude, weather and soil composition, there is also the work of the coffee producer such as cultivation and harvesting techniques, which influence, among other things, the ripening time. cherries and the uniformity of the quality of the harvested beans.

  3. Transformation

    The cherries are finally ready to be processed according to 3 distinct methods: whole coffee dried in the sun, washed coffee which consists in removing part of the pulp as well as the mucilage to then be dried in the sun or put in a drying machine, or a third method which consists of removing part of the pulp while leaving the mucilage, a very sweet viscous part around the grains which are then dried in the sun. After the beans have been shelled and dried, the coffee passes through a vibrating belt where it is separated by the density of each bean. The denser grains are considered to be of better quality.

  4. Roasting

    To roast is to roast raw coffee. Roasting is a complex chemical phenomenon combining several transfers (heat, water and mass) and pressure differences. By heating, the water in the coffee beans, which consist of 10-12% moisture, evaporates. The roaster adjusts the temperature and cooking time to the nearest second. Once the master roaster has found the ideal combination, he records his recipe in specialized software that allows him to monitor, in real time, that the roasting is going according to all these parameters. Variations, however subtle, have an influence on the final result.

  5. Grind

    Along with the roasting of the beans, the grind of the coffee is one of the main factors that affect the aroma and texture of the coffee. Depending on the type of grind, fine or coarse, the coffee obtained will be completely different in terms of taste and smoothness. Its choice is therefore decisive for obtaining an optimal product. The ideal grind will depend above all on the type of extraction, therefore of machine, that you will use. As a general rule, the finer the grind, the stronger the aroma.


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