JURA D6 Piano Black


A cappuccino in no time!

The design of the D line is characterized by clean shapes and a high-end finish. The visual text and the ergonomic selector make operation simple and intuitive.

Programming and maintenance are just as clear. Thanks to innovative technologies, coffee classics can be prepared in a jiffy in barista quality.
When functionality meets pleasure
Preparing a perfect coffee, easily and quickly – a cakewalk with the D6, thanks to its text display and its Easy Cappuccino system with selector.

The JURA D6 Piano Black is recognizable by its reinterpreted classic design and the quality details that complete it.

The Easy Cappuccino system, optimized in all current technical and ergonomic aspects, crowns milk specialties such as cappuccino with an exquisite milk froth that is both light and fine.

A coffee of excellence

Leading innovations make it possible to prepare six specialty coffees in barista quality. The AromaG2 grinder convinces with the sophisticated architecture of the grinding cone.

It grinds the coffee beans with the ideal fineness, gently and preserving their freshness.

The pulsed extraction process (P.E.P.®) optimizes the extraction time and reveals the full bouquet of coffee aromas.

Simple, front-end request philosophy
The text display and the ergonomically optimized selector guarantee simple and intuitive use, which can even be controlled from a smartphone or tablet thanks to the Smart Connect available as an option.

Automatic filter detection with the smart water system
CLARIS water filters provide perfect water quality for sensational drinking.

At the same time, they protect the machine against limescale and remove substances that affect the taste and smell of water (e.g. heavy metals or chlorine).

To take full advantage of the benefits and capacity of the filter, JURA has developed the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®).

The filter cartridge and the machine communicate by radio using RFID technology. The filter is automatically detected.

Using a filter has never been easier or safer.”

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A new twist on cappuccino

The JURA D6 Piano Black is characterised by simple, clean lines and high-quality workmanship. With the plain text display and ergonomically optimised switch, operation is easy and intuitive.
Programming and maintenance are also self-explanatory. Thanks to some innovative technologies, the machine prepares coffee classics to professional barista standard in a few simple steps.

Additional Information
Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 11 × 13 in