JURA WE8 Chrome


Coffee specialties at work
The cafe creates an atmosphere conducive to communication, relaxed and productive: a serene atmosphere reigns wherever customers, employees and visitors enjoy this drink. The JURA WE8 Chrome is perfect for anyone who wants an aesthetic machine that offers a wide variety of tasty coffee specialties.

A water tank with a capacity of 3 l, a bean container with capacity for 500 g of coffee beans and a coffee grounds container with a capacity of 25 portions make this elegant professional automatic machine the ideal solution everywhere where you can drink around 30 specialty coffees every day.

Innovative technologies are revolutionizing coffee tasting. Thanks to the One Touch function, you can magically prepare trendy specialties such as latte macchiato, flat white or cappuccino at the touch of a button. Buttons on the front and a modern TFT display make machine operation much easier, even for novices.
State-of-the-art technologies at the service of perfect tasting
The WE8 offers a choice of twelve specialties. JURA has completely reviewed and perfected the percolation process for short specialty coffees. The WE line thus makes it possible to obtain a quality worthy of a coffee bar.

The six-level Aroma G3 grinder ensures an optimal grind. It grinds fresh coffee beans quickly, while preserving their aroma.

The pulsed extraction process (P.E.P.®), developed by JURA, optimizes extraction time by injecting hot water in rapid pulses through the coffee powder to prepare a ristretto or espresso. The One Touch function of the WE8 makes it possible to create trendy specialties with milk or milk froth at the touch of a button and without moving the cup.
TÜV certified guaranteed hygiene
In companies, cleanliness and hygiene play a key role.

This is why the integrated rinsing and cleaning programs, combined with cleaning agents specially developed for JURA automatic coffee machines, guarantee perfection at the touch of a button.

The cleaning of the milk system, also triggered by pressing a button, ensures quick maintenance. This total hygiene, even certified by TÜV Rheinland, makes the WE line an excellent choice for companies that rely on a HACCP* system.

* Hazard analysis system and critical control points
As unique as your desires
As needs vary depending on the area, the WE8 offers numerous programming and customization possibilities. The amounts of coffee powder and water are totally adaptable according to personal preferences and the dishes used.

Similarly, certain coffee specialties can be blocked in favor of others. Different modes are also available on request. They only allow changes to presets or cup capacity after entering a certain key combination.

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For lovers of speciality coffee

Wherever customers, staff and visitors can enjoy superlative coffee, the atmosphere is relaxed, communicative and productive. Anyone who appreciates the finer things in life, a wide choice of speciality coffees and aesthetics will love the JURA WE8 Chrome.

A water tank with a 3 l holding capacity, a bean container for 500 g of coffee beans and a coffee grounds container with a capacity of 25 portions make the elegant professional coffee machine the ideal solution for locations where around 30 speciality coffees are consumed per day.

Innovative technologies revolutionise the enjoyment of coffee. The One-Touch function creates trend specialities like latte macchiato, flat white or cappuccino very simply at the touch of a button. Buttons on the front of the machine and a modern TFT display make operation incredibly simple even for inexperienced users.

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